In business and in life, timing is everything. For example, the margin of error for hitting a baseball is measured in milliseconds. Batters must synchronize their swings with the speed and trajectory of a pitched ball, making split-second decisions. Timing errors of even a fraction of a second can be the difference between weak contact or a drive over the fences.

Close on the heals of timing, is doing (or not doing). In my book, taking no action leads to missed opportunities, stagnation, and unfulfilled potential.

Put the two together, timing and planful action, and you get success. Of course, it’s not just about waiting for the perfect moment—it’s about recognizing opportunities and seizing them. It’s about making things happen.

What do you do when times get tough or business is slow? Do you curl up in a ball and try to ride it out, hoping for the best, or do you take action? Do you make things happen?

This King Monkey believes nothing’s going to happen unless you make it happen. Just as the military teaches soldiers to move when attacked, to initiate movement or face defeat or capture, so too do we “civilians” need to prepare and take action when the time comes.

Beware Analysis Paralysis

Faced with a business or personal dilemma, however, many of us suffer from analysis paralysis.  Faced with a need to take action, we instead mull over every move, every possibility, and every bit of minutiae to the point where we take no action, succumbing to our fears of “what might happen.” That’s no good, especially not in the business world where standing pat and failing to react to changing market forces can be the death knell for a company or business opportunity. Fearing what might happen ensures that nothing does happen—at least nothing good.

Standing Still is Not an Option

Life, in general, is like that, too. Inertia is the tendency of an object at rest to remain at rest, or an object in motion to remain in motion. As business leaders, and even in our personal lives, we simply can’t afford to stand still. We cannot act like deer caught in the headlights, or monkeys stuck on a branch afraid to search for that next handhold.

Fortunately, we have the benefit of history—of knowing what’s worked for us and for others in similar situations—and the ability to learn from past mistakes and respond accordingly.

To Boldly Go…Or Not

But will we seize those opportunities? Will we overcome our fear of taking action and boldly go? Will we remain stubborn and repeat past mistakes, or will we adapt, learn, and take steps forward with confidence?

I’m not suggesting taking action for the sake of taking action.  But taking action should be part of your everyday vocabulary.

New clients and new opportunities aren’t going to come through the door (whether that door is virtual or bricks and mortar) unless you initiate some sort of movement to make it happen. Likewise, that proposal, marketing plan, or new product or service idea is not going to complete itself. It’s up to you, the business owner, the entrepreneur, the head honcho to make something happen.

It’s your move. What’s it going to be?

Let’s Make It Happen

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