Your Satisfaction

As a Barrel O‘ Monkeyz client, your satisfaction is important to us. We guarantee quality, timely work in all that we do, whether that work involves strategic marketing, branding, design, social media, digital advertising, website design and maintenance, or all of these.

Throughout any project, big or small, we work closely with our clients to secure approval and sign off at every stage:

  1. Scope of Work
  2. Design
  3. Testing & Refinement
  4. Execution

This way, there should be no surprises along the way—for you or for us.

What We Require of Our Clients

Clarifying the terms of our engagement with you in advance prevents misunderstandings later on. To ensure we can do our best work for you, we expect clients to give us accurate, complete, and timely initial information as we begin a project, as well as accurate, complete, and timely feedback on all concepts, strategies, and revisions during the active work phase. We also require that you actively participate in the project, from conception through every stage of development, refinement, execution, and approvals.

If You’re Not Satisfied

While we guarantee that we will do excellent work for you, Barrel O‘ Monkeyz is NOT responsible for the business performance of our clients. To a great extent, results and performance depend on the business/industry you choose to operate within, as well as how you elect to deploy the deliverables we provide. That said, should you ever be dissatisfied with the work we do for you, in part or in total, we want to know about it as soon as possible so we can make things right. Rest assured, Barrel O‘ Monkeyz will work cooperatively with you to determine what “right” means for your project and for our relationship with you. Your satisfaction is our top priority.


​Based in San Diego and active across southern California and beyond, Barrel O'Monkeyz serves as a seasoned, outsourced marketing agency specializing in both business-to-business and consumer-based marketing. Our barrel is full of talent and creative minds ready to help companies tell their brand stories, ramp up sales, and launch new products.