We are all on the run more and more these days. I am either running to a client meeting or swinging to our next new business meeting in the hopes of growing Barrel O’Monkeyz. If you are like me, you have to be a bit creative during the holidays. Here is a list of ideas that I thought you may find useful this holiday season:

1. Bountiful Baskets By Jean (www.bountifulbasketsbyjean.com): Are you looking for a custom gift basket filled with delicious cookies, candies and even toys for that special someone or client? Look no farther than Jean.
2. RISE Acupuncture, Casey Marie Smith (310-399-5388): As an acupuncturist and herbalist, Casey knowledge helps one be centered, focused and tranquil during the crazy holiday season.
3. Mary Kay Cosmetics, Kim Vu (www.marykay.com/kimvu): A conversation with Kim is golden! As a guy, cosmetics are not my forte. Kim will hold your hand through the process of finding the right cosmetics for your love ones and you will have fun while doing it.
4. Interiors Made Cozy, Sam McCullough (www.interiorsmadeezzy.com): Tired of paying high prices on furniture. Talk to Sam and have him build custom products for you today. You will be surprised as to what you were paying.
5. Abran Rubiner Photography, Abran Rubiner (www.rubinerphoto.com): Check out how Abran can make your latest professional photos or family portraits come to life. His work is electric!
6. Cloudwalker Videoworks, Richard Clayman (www.cloudwalkerfilms.com): Looking for a different approach to traditional holiday photos for your family and/or client. Give Richard a call and tell him a monkey sent you.
7. Rivera Ink, Leilani Rivera (www.riveraink.com): What to get my clients? Heck let Leilani help you and brainstorm ideas that are quick, easy and meet your budget.
8. Dream Big, Lorenda Philips (www.dreambig.com): Do you know that special someone that could use a boost in their career? Check out Lorenda’s Dream Big event!
9. Micro Computer, MZ Noori (www.mccinc.net): Looking for that detail on either hardware or software during the holidays.
10. Olympic Chiropractor, Dr. Glenn Fischel (www.backword.com): Ask Dr. Glenn about his gift certificates. Perfect for massages!

I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions for other possible gifts. My nieces and nephews love the benefits they reap from topics such as this and I will love the out of the box thinking!

Happy Holidays!
Paul June
King Monkey