From the hectic pace of year-end holidays to kicking off 2024 with batteries recharged, and easing into Spring, I can’t help but feel a rush of excitement for what lies ahead and gratitude for what I already have. As always, the last few months have been a colorful blend of business ventures, family milestones, and general sports fervor (go Dodgers!) each adding its own flavor to the journey. Like George Bailey, from It’s a Wonderful Life, I am the “richest man in town” for a lot of reasons.

On the Home Front

June Girls on Soccer FieldLife is bustling with the joy of watching my children thrive. Leland is 9, McKinley is 8, and Noelline is 5. From soccer games to school performances and other activities, each moment is a treasure.

  • Leland’s soccer team made it to the regionals. They lost the big game, but they won a trophy that wasn’t just another participation trophy. This one recognized all the hard work the girls put in. Congrats to all!
  • McKinley’s team went undefeated, and she was one of its leaders. Kudos to her and her teammates!
  • As for Noelline, she always plays with a smile on her face. The challenge of most parents at this stage is to keep the girls on the right side of the field, engaged and playing. Persistence pays off!

Over Thanksgiving and Christmas, the older girls performed in a couple of family-friendly plays. McKinley was the lead in Willy Wonka, while Leland has a role in 101 Dalmatians in the Spring. Meanwhile, at her age, Noelline is happy to be learning to draw and color within the lines!

June Girl Multi-TaskingAs we’re coming up on Spring Break, I’m happy to report they’re doing well with their grades and classes and going to soccer twice a week.

I’m always amazed how all the girl’s various undertakings allow me to meet some amazing people who are willing to do what it takes—workdays, weekends, any day—to see that their kids expand their horizons through outside activities. On that note, I want to thank Gram and Grampa for helping the kids keep involved in all their activities.

Sara JuneSara has been working with special needs children in the El Cajon school system through the “No Kids Left Behind” program. Her dedication to making a difference is inspiring.

I had the good fortune of enjoying a long overdue boy’s weekend with several long-time buddies. We went to the Lake San Marcos Golf Course to chase the little ball around the greens, have a few adult beverages, and enjoy each other’s company. Sad to say, our golf got worse every day as aches and pains increased, and we never stayed up past 10:30 pm! What amounted to a wild night out for us was falling asleep early in front of the TV, “Al Bundy” style!

On The Road Again

If I had to give my first quarter of 2024 a theme, it would be “on the road again”—primarily for business-to-business product and promotional sales in my role as VP of Marketing for Mobile Edge.
Paul June at the Mobile Edge display booth
Virtual connections may have kept us going through COVID, but connecting with clients, prospects, and colleagues face-to-face has been invigorating. From numerous stops through San Diego, Orange County, Universal City, and other parts of California to Las Vegas and all the way to Savanah, Georgia, each stop has proven a testament to the power of personal connection! I’ve been able to convert numerous leads into substantial sales, reaffirming the value of face-to-face interaction. It’s a reminder that sometimes, old-school methods work best.
Boat tour in Savanah GA
While the road may be long, witnessing the growth in revenue across various channels has been immensely satisfying.

All Aboard the Monkeyz Barrel

Barrel O’Monkeyz continues to thrive. The BOM team is fortunate to work with some great companies and individuals, helping them grow through focused marketing integrations powered by HubSpot, Zoho, Constant Contact, WP Engine, and others.

I want to give shout-outs to our valued clients who entrust us to grow their business as we grow ours. Your friendship and loyalty are truly appreciated.

On the road requisitesI also want to extend special thanks to Chris Walner of Chief Outsiders, Reb Risty from REBL Marketing, and Les Kollegian at Jacob Tyler for sharing their insight and expertise with Barrel O’Monkeyz … and for believing.

Our quarterly events called “The Gathering” are a great way for Monkeyz clients, friends, and team members to grab coffee or a beer and talk fireside chat style as friends about timely topics, branding, marketing, or about what’s new with us. Wednesday, April 17, is our next Gathering date. If you’re not already on the Monkeyz mailing list, this is as good a reason as any for joining.

Go Dodgers!

As an unapologetic sports enthusiast, my attention naturally gravitates towards the playing field. While the Raiders continue their usual ups and downs (we can only hope soon-to-be new minority owner ‘TB12’ can bring some much-needed magic to the team in 2024), the excitement of baseball season brings renewed hope.

The crazy spending by the Dodgers may raise eyebrows, but as a lifelong fan, I can’t help but be excited by the addition of  Shohei Ohtani. A lot of people are freaked by his half-billion-dollar salary. Not me. I must believe the team did its due diligence and is convinced that the additional revenue he’s expected to bring through expanded TV rights, merchandising, and goodwill will more than cover it. Obviously, the Dodgers can’t sell more tickets—they’re always sold out—so it becomes a secondary opportunity at merchandising, etc. So long story short, I’m excited for all the spending. Haters can suck it!.

Anything Is Possible

June girls enjoying ice creamFrom family milestones to new business opportunities, the road ahead is paved with possibilities. While challenges may arise, I’m confident that with the support of loved ones, colleagues, business partners, and the drive to succeed, anything is possible.

Here’s to the road ahead. May yours (and mine) be filled with laughter, growth, countless memories waiting to be made, and many more miles to go.

Reach out any time. I look forward to hearing from you.

With love, gratitude, and blessings.

Paul June
King Monkey,
Barrel O’Monkeyz

Got Net? Until next time