Your brand is not just a clever logo, a catchy slogan, and what you say about yourself. Your brand—whether you’re an individual or large corporation—is how you act and behave and are perceived by consumers. It’s a story about you, your business, and your customers—a it’s built on hard work, offering great products and services that make an emotional connection to your target audience, and the ability to consistently meet or exceed your customer’s expectations.


Barrel O’Monkeyz offers this authoritative guide to make it easy for you to access insight on cultivating your brand story. With this guide, we’ve already done a lot of the work for you, linking you to our top blogs on topics related to this subject and more.

  • What reasons do you give prospective clients and customers to believe you can deliver on your brand promise?  

The Art of Storytelling

Give Them Reasons to Believe in Your Brand

How Does Your Brand Design Help You “Go for the Gold?”

Your brand is a highly valued business asset. As such, you should NOT communicate your brand until you know exactly who you are, what your business is all about, who you are talking to, and why you matter to consumers.

What Makes Your Brand Unique?

Branding: If It Looks Like a Duck, Swims Like a Duck . . .

Your Target Persona: Know Who You’re Talking To

Do Your Homework: Brand “Confusion” Can Be Costly

All these things and more contribute to your brand story—the perception of what your business stands for and how you connect with customers emotionally to achieve the business results you want.

  • What brand promises do you make? Which ones do you deliver?
  • Are you socially responsible? Do you pay it forward?

Lasting Impressions: Successful Brands Can’t Afford to Have Bad Days

A Lesson in Branding from the NFL

A successful brand is one that can evolve with changes in the marketplace in ways that don’t force you to re-create the wheel or re-establish who and what you are or what you represent to your target customers when new technologies, trends, and ways of doing business emerge. Branding work is never done. To stay at the top, requires constant reinforcement and an unfailing determination to deliver on your brand’s promise.

  • How does your brand story reflect you and/or your company? Is it true to who you are and what you can deliver?
  • Do your clients react positively to your brand message by saying, “This is the person/product/company for me.”
  • Are you constantly having to rework or reposition your brand to the marketplace?

Does Your Brand Story Have Lasting Power?

Is Your Brand Flexible? Entrepreneurs, Startups, and even Major Brands Need to Respond to Changes in the Marketplace

When Brand Expectations Aren’t Met

Transparency Builds Customer Loyalty and Trust


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