December is here, which means we’re giving the eight-count to 2017 as 2018 waits in the wings to make its appearance. It also means that all forms of media are engaging in year-end retrospectives of sorts—from the year in politics and celebrities who’ve left us, to top TV shows, films, and our favorite social media memories. It’s a time for nostalgia (looking back) and for looking ahead, to what’s possible in 2018 and beyond.

In that vein, I offer up this year-end checklist of questions designed to help you reflect on where you started in January 2017 to where you are now, to where you want to be/will be 12 months from now. The list of questions is not exhaustive, so feel free to add and adapt them to your unique situation.

Personal Reflections Checklist

  • Am I happy with my life/personal situation? If yes, what can I do in 2018 to maintain or grow that level of happiness? If not, what can I change this coming year so that I am happier?
  • Do I spend time working on the relationships with family and friends that are important to me?
  • How can I make more time for personal pleasures in general?
  • Am I as healthy as I can be? Have I seen the doctor recently for a physical/check-up?
  • Do I eat well, sleep well, and get enough recreation/relaxation in my life? What needs to change? What needs to stay the same?
  • Did I read any good books? What books can I read in 2018?
  • What items did I check off my bucket list in 2017? What can I check off my bucket list in 2018?
  • What was my favorite place to visit this year? Where might I go next year?
  • Did I make any new friends or acquaintances? What was the outcome of these new relationships? Can I/should I make more in 2018?
  • Was there something I really wanted to do, but didn’t?
  • Was there something I really DID NOT want to do, but did anyway?
  • How can I get more involved in my community?
  • How can I make more of a difference in the lives of my family, friends, and even strangers?
  • Personally, what can I do with less of in 2018?
  • What would I like more of in 2018?

Professional Reflections Checklist

  • Do I like my job/career? If yes, what can I do in 2018 to maintain or exceed that level of satisfaction? If not, how can I boost my job satisfaction?
  • What were my Top 3 professional accomplishments this year?
  • What didn’t I get done (but I wish I had)?
  • What didn’t I get done (and it doesn’t matter)?
  • Did I learn any new skills?
  • Did any “bad” things happen at work or on the job that I don’t want to repeat?
  • How would I rate my level of networking activity? Could I have done more/differently?
  • How many new clients did I bring on board?
  • Did I lose any clients/business relationships? What could I have done to retain them?
  • Did I leave any low-hanging fruit (bananas) on the business opportunity tree? If so, why?
  • Did I start any new business relationships (clients, vendors, service providers) this year? Which were most fruitful? Which could I do without? Which might I consider expanding or adding in 2018?
  • Were their workflows/routines/systems I could have improved upon or invested in to make my professional life easier in 2017? Which might make sense for me in 2018?
  • Professionally, what can I do with less of in 2018?
  • What would I like more of in 2018?

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While there will be many more retrospectives in the coming days and weeks, check out these fun “best of” lists. Each is sure to spark some dialogue about your own personal bests and favorites for the year.

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