Father’s Day is coming right up. How do you honor your dad, whether he’s still with us or not, for the role he has played in your life? A few years back I wrote a blog honoring all dads out there. I was going to write another for this year, but I figured “if it ain’t broke” don’t fix it. I invite you to read these words about ways you can show gratefulness for your dad on Father’s Day, including some tips on using social media. Please enjoy, “Going Social for Father’s Day”. . . 

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks and need a reminder, Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 18. It’s time to break out the steaks and BBQ grills, fill coolers with ice and cold brews, and restock your dad’s inventory of ties he shouldn’t wear but probably will.

Thanks Dads!To all the dads out there, we owe eternal thanks and gratefulness for their guidance, wisdom, and steady hand throughout our lives, and for showing us how to be dads ourselves (including yours truly, who is blessed with my own young ones). One of the most important jobs a dad has is to be a role model for his children—to be the person who shows them what it means to be a dad, a parent, a provider, teacher, friend, mentor, and the one who shows you how to throw and catch a ball, wet a fishing line, ride a bike, or a host of other activities.

To all us kids out there, whether we’re 4 or 54, take a moment right now to think of your dad.

If he’s still with us, schedule time to call, email, or text him this weekend (or right now for that matter). Or, better yet, plan to get together with him in person, to thank him for all he’s done or will do for you.

If he’s gone, that doesn’t mean you can’t still honor him in your own way with a thought or a prayer, or by getting together with siblings and family to remember him and your times together.

Dads deserve it.

One way individuals (and even businesses) can honor their dads is through social media.

  • Use your favorite platform to share images and anecdotes of him and you and your family throughout the years.
  • If you’re a business, ask your patrons to post images of their dads to your Facebook business page.
  • Hold a contest for the best Dad memory picture or pictures and give something away, such as a gift certificate, or a free product or service that dads will like.

Social media makes it easy to show respect for dads everywhere, and it’s a surefire way to engage your audience. Plus, it’s lots of fun!

You can also use social media to share gift-giving ideas.

  • Ask members of your Facebook community what they’re getting dad for Father’s Day (or “got,” so they don’t let the cat, err monkey, out of the bag and ruin any surprises).
  • Dads can even join in after the fact by sharing pictures of themselves in their new ties, with their new power tool, or gleefully laboring over a hot grill.
  • If your product or service lends itself to gift giving, get the conversation going by tossing out some of your own creative ideas.

From diapers to dungarees to your first car, images and stories are a great way individuals and businesses can use social media to showcase their favorite “dad memories” both before and after the holiday. It’s also a great way to show him and all your friends you really care.

Thanks again dads, for everything.