Businesses are slowly beginning to open their doors—virtual or otherwise—across the country. As they do, consumers look to company websites and social media pages for up-to-date information that reflects the current state of the business, as well as a way for them to buy product, arrange services, or get information.


I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that your website was probably in need of a facelift, refresh, or even a full-scale overhaul long before the pandemic and resulting shutdowns hit—and now that restrictions are easing and businesses reopening, like many others, you’re realizing your website is woefully inadequate for the new realities of the marketplace.

  • Does your website tell consumers in what capacity you are open?
  • Does it explain whether you have returned to normal operating hours with a full slate of services or products available, or whether you are available for fewer hours with scaled back offerings?
  • Does it detail the protocols you have in place around wearing masks, social distancing, and other measures?
  • If you do most (or all) of your business online, does your website still resonate with your target audience? Does it make the necessary emotional connection between your brand and the pain-point you solve in the lives of your customers—or have customer needs evolved, meaning your messaging needs to evolve as well.

With lots of people wary these days about venturing out of their homes unless it’s essential, more than ever they will want to know exactly what to expect when they arrive at your establishment. Likewise, consumers visiting you virtually will want reassurances that you can still deliver on your brand promise in a timely fashion. Many have seen their incomes diminished over the last few months, so most will be hard-pressed to part with their money. “Selling” them (and marketing to them) is going to be more difficult than ever.


A website review may just be what the doctor ordered to make sure your website remains relevant and your messaging is fine-tuned to the current needs of your target audience:

  • What is the role of your website? Is it informational only, or does it need to change to reflect consumer expectations for buying products and services from you there? Do you need to add new functions (such as online shopping/ordering, scheduling, or video/audio streaming)?
  • What is your call to action? Does it need to change to reflect new realities?
  • Has your target audience changed in some way? Have their needs/pain-points evolved?
  • Has the way they make decisions changed, or where they go for information?
  • Does your content/messaging engage visitors (or worse, is it tone deaf)? Does your messaging need to change to reflect the times?
  • Are your landing pages effective? Do they compel your target audience to take action?
  • Structurally, are the mechanisms you have in place to capture leads, offer downloads, or sell your product or service functioning properly? Have third-party solutions kept up with the times, or are there now better options available?
  • Are there any technical issues limiting your website’s potential? Does it conform to current standards regarding coding, search engine optimization, page load speeds, mobile responsiveness, and outbound links?
  • Are your social media links and profiles up-to-date? Do they reflect the same messaging as your website or, like your website, do they need to be updated?
  • What metrics do you use to measure website efficacy? How do you define success? Is it still all about increased market awareness, more foot traffic and/or phone traffic for your business, leads generation and list building . . . or something else?
  • Does your company still have the resources to manage/maintain your website with an in-house team, or will you need the expertise of an external web development team?
  • How must you now promote your website? Does word-of-mouth still suffice, or do you need to engage in more digital advertising and social media?

Not all websites are alike (and if they are, they shouldn’t be). What you and your target audience need is unique to your brand and the demands of the marketplace. That’s why, pandemic or no pandemic, engaging in a thorough website review is a good idea every few years to ensure you’re still tracking with the needs of consumers and taking advantage of the latest technologies and best practices.

Health Check-up (Family Guy Style)


No one knows what the new normal for business is going to be. That said, Barrel O’Monkeyz is committed to putting our team to work for you. Our expertise is digital marketing, email marketing, social media, public relations, and website development. If you are struggling with how to keep your business afloat, give us a call to discuss strategies and potential services, plus how we’ve reduced our service pricing to help businesses stay on and/or get back on their feet! Contact us today.