Dear Barrel O’Monkeyz reader,

I hope this blog finds you and yours in good health. It’s been some time since I wrote one of my infamous “Barrel O’Monkeyz Updates,” so I figured it was about time for this King Monkey to speak up.

june-homeMan . . . where do I begin?
It feels like an understatement for me to say 2016 is off to a roaring start in the Monkey Jungle (also know these days as the June household). There don’t seem to be enough hours in the day as I continue chasing the dream of being a successful entrepreneur, proud Papa, loving husband, and more!

That said, fear not—I will keep this update brief and hit some of the key highlights as you wait for the movie to arrive this summer at theaters near you (well there’s no movie, but you gotta think big, no?):

Homeowners: After many years of moving around SoCal, my wife, Sara, and I finally became homeowners. We moved from North County San Diego to the Fletcher Hills area of San Diego (El Cajon). It’s great to have a backyard again, as well as a place for the kids to play!

june-new-additionNew Additions: Yup, you heard me right! Kids . . . plural, with an “s.” On April 3, Sara and I welcomed the newest addition to our family when McKinley Ann June arrived. She is a little angel that Sara, Leland, and I  adore. Leland is now 18 months old and seems to be always smiling and laughing (I wonder where she gets that from?). She is our perfect little simian. I am sooo grateful that my beautiful wife and super Mom keeps the good ship June running smoothly while I’m out chasing our dreams. Love you Sara June! 😉

sara-leland-beachActive Lifestyle: As you all know, Sara and I enjoy an active lifestyle. But with the addition of two kids under the age of a year-and-a-half (aka “Irish twins”) we find our activities changing. Volleyball has been replaced with yard work, leisurely strolls around the block, and playtime with the kids. Rest assured, though, we will be on the beach sooner rather than later, or hiking in God’s mountains soon enough.

The Jungle: Since making the shift to target sports and active lifestyle companies, Barrel O’Monkeyz has continued to grow and become a household name in SoCal. My Barrel O’Monkeyz team of Laura Hendrickson, Dina Daglas, Travis Pierra, Michael Sick, Michael Duffy, Lisa McKendall, Mara Parker, Bill Ennis, Bob Ennis, and Matt McGovern have been nothing short of amazing. I cannot believe some of them have been involved with Barrel O’Monkeyz since 2009! For that alone, I tip my hat to them. From new clients such as Mobile Edge to Amgen Tour of California, we continue to put our storytelling skills to work, rocking Kickstarter campaigns and social media events, as well as building ecommerce websites and award winning products. I look forward to taking things to the next level!

Charity: Those who know me know that giving back to the community is important to me. I continue to sit on the board of Huntington’s Disease Society of America, which is helping to make a difference in finding a cure to end this horrific, genetic disease. My passions also find me speaking at venues such as USD, SDSU, and UCSD, while also volunteering with San Diego Sports Innovators and mentoring new startups.

Let’s Have Fun with Monkeyz!

Adventures: This Monkey was feeling pretty “boring” as I pondered what wild adventure might be lurking around the corner for me, and couldn’t come up with anything. Then it dawned on me. The first few months of 2016 have been mighty adventurous, what with the kids, the new house, and running the business. Suffice to say, there’s always something just over the horizon, which means stay tuned for my next update and for future blogs.

paul-sara-juneSo, without further ado, I’ll let you get back to your regular activities and your own adventures by signing off (for now) with heartfelt “thank you” for your time and my ever-present invitation to give me a buzz or drop me a note anytime. We may not get to speak or meet in-person all that often, but I am glad our roads continue to cross.

God bless! Monkey Cheers!
Paul June

Paul June is King Monkey of BARREL O’ MONKEYZ, a full-service digital media and marketing group specializing in more creativity, ideas, and fun for action sports marketing, sportswear marketing, sports product marketing, active lifestyle consumer products, health product marketing, and brands in San Diego and Southern California.