If I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen a client’s eyes glaze over when I tell him or her that we’re going to be pushing out content—lots of content—on a weekly (or even more frequent) basis, I’d be a very rich man. No surprise there. Trying to wrap your mind around the amount of content necessary to fuel a top-notch inbound marketing effort is daunting, mind-boggling even.

Of course, practically all of my clients rely on Barrel O’Monkeyz to develop and distribute the content, but still they are involved to a certain extent in brainstorming ideas and providing direction—hence their reactions. They’re afraid of content burnout, thinking, “How on Earth can we find enough to write or talk about on a regular basis?”

Granted, faced with having to come up with the ideas for content, develop it, and then churn it out in a meaningful and valuable way every week can be intimidating, even when others are doing the heavy lifting. If only there were a way to recycle some of that content, so you’re not always having to start from square one, week-in and week-out. If only . . .

Fortunately, there is such a way. It’s called re-purposing.


As its name suggests, repurposing content is taking your existing content and re-using or recycling it in some other way . . . in other words, using it for another purpose. This is a good strategy when you have a key message that you want to get out to your audience in different ways in multiple forms. Repurposing is not just re-writing the same old message and posting or sharing it under a different headline. That gets tiring pretty quick.

Keep in mind that people like to consume information differently. Just because your content makes a good email or blog post, doesn’t mean it’s ready to be recorded as a video or podcast. Sometimes re-purposing requires re-tooling the content as well.


  • You (or your marketing team) explore your topic, assembling keyword data, industry trends, target audience pain points, and your brand’s take on the subject.
  • This information is developed into an article articulating the key message you want to convey in a way that’s of interest to your target audience.
  • The article can be re-purposed as a blog post or press release, tailored as appropriate for the particular venue through which it will be distributed.
  • The content also can be re-purposed as brochure or website copy, tailored accordingly, of course.
  • Other examples of repurposing the same core message include as an infographic, white paper, slide deck, podcast, sales pitch, webinar, or video—again, all tailored as appropriate for the medium and the audience.

Where re-purposing saves time and effort is in the fact that you don’t have to do all the research and compilation of material necessary to create the content again. That’s already been done.

Re-purposing is all about tweaking your existing content and putting it in a new package for distribution. It’s a way to gain mileage for your content, reach new audiences through alternate channels, and reinforce your message without being repetitive. 


Barrel O’Monkeyz is here to help. If you need help exploring ways to generate and repurpose your content, give us a call. We can also provide a free assessment of your current content marketing strategies and help you answer the question, “Are my current efforts contributing to my success?”

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