Do you LEAP before you LOOK?

Chance are you don’t . . . and chances are you wouldn’t buy a new car or home or invest money without first doing your homework.

Why then do many agencies start with “how” a thing is going to be done before first fully understanding what it is you want or need to accomplish?

For many, it’s because they are all about selling the tactics—the “things” or services they perform as an agency—rather than focusing on what your goals are (or helping you determine what they should be).

At Barrel O’Monkeyz, we don’t think it should be that way—actually just the opposite!—and it seems we’re not alone. Albert Einstein was right about lots of things (see his quote below), and Honest Abe Lincoln was no slouch either (he of the famous, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe” quote, among many). Who are we to argue with such smart thinkers?

From Branding to Design to Social Media and Digital Media, we get to know our customers, their needs, and the marketplace in which they operate before we discuss tactics. After all, what might be the right tactic for one business might not be the right one for another. We ASSESS, we PLAN, and then we ACT to support your goals.

This way the work we do tells your story, not ours; this way you engage your audience in a way that’s socially authentic and connects to them emotionally.