It’s been a while since this King Monkey has checked in with an update on all things monkeyz-related. How have you been?  I’ve been great, family’s been great, and business has been great. How lucky am I?

First things first, just as Monkeyz Nation continues to grow, so too does the June family.

In case you missed it, Sara and I welcomed our latest new addition, Noelline Renée June (aka Noel), on November 24, 2018. She joins her sisters, Leland (now age 4-1/2) and McKinley (now just a few months past 3), who adore their little sister and can’t wait for her to grow up and join them in their escapades.

Each of the little June bugs—ahem, angels—is growing like a weed (wish I could say the same for my hair!) and are keeping both Mom and Dad on their toes and in shape.

Sara and I are blessed to have them in our lives and their ever-present smiles, which are contagious (just like the germs they like to share freely with each other and with us!).

Meanwhile, Back in Monkeyz Nation . . .

On the Barrel O’Monkeyz front, we updated our website by moving it to a new, more robust platform, and tweaking some of our offerings. I invite you to go take a look!

There, you’ll find it easier to navigate, so you can quickly find information on our services, the work we do, some handy tools and resources, plus our Insights blog, which will be featuring new content pronto.

The Monkeyz community continues to grow and is currently at 20,432 subscribers. I’m thinking we could add a few more in short order. Do you think we can we hit 25,000 by year’s end? (If you know someone …)

I’m pleased to announce that Dina Daglas, who was been with the Monkeyz team since 2014, was promoted to Director of Accounts, overseeing client relations, account management, and daily operations.

Dina is a graduate of San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Born and raised in San Diego, she loves going to concerts, cooking, and grabbing a cold beer with friends.

Congratulations Dina!

What’s New In Your World?

I’ve shared a little bit of what’s new in Monkeyz Nation. So what’s new with you?

Drop me a line a [email protected] to let me know—and if Barrel O’Monkeyz can help you ramp up sales, launch new products, or enhance your digital presence, we’re glad to apply our talent, smarts, and creativity to boost your brand.

Our specialty is sports and active lifestyle strategic marketing, including automated marketing, goals and sales planning, branding, social media, digital advertising, and website development, with a focus on strategy, execution, and ROI.

When your own family times seem hectic or a little crazy, remember you could be a member of the Griffin household.
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