Star Trek’s Holodeck still might be some years in the future, but the technology essential to power it is already in place:

  • Advanced desktop displays with touch and motion accessories
  • Immersive experiences such as VR/AR goggles
  • VR/AR rooms and enclosures, such as simulators and even amusement park rides.

As a result, a budding VR/AR content development market has emerged, which promises to drive the overall experience for consumers, expand the digital marketplace, and provide new and engaging ways for businesses to tell their brand stories.

Riding the Superman virtual reality roller coaster at Six Flags

Learn More – Networking Event

Barrel O’Monkeyz is presenting a networking event with Emmy award winning producer Neil Mandt of Mandt VR on the state of VR and where and how content for it will be generated.

The event is being held at the Air & Space Museum in San Diego from 6 to 9 pm on November 15, 2016. This event is by invitation only, and is limited to just 50 people. Online registration before the event is $35 and it’s $50 at the door in the unlikely event there are still seats available on November 15. Registration includes two drink tickets, networking, exhibits, appetizers, museum, and beverages. If you think this event might be for you and you’d like to attend, give me a shout out: [email protected].

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