Here are some observations straight from the King Monkey, high in the jungle canopy after attending four tradeshows in six weeks has left me sick as a dog. (“Sleep? Who needs sleep? I’ll sleep when I’m dead. Well, maybe I could use a little rest . . .”)

Business success has always been and will always be about building relationships. This is something they don’t teach you in business school—the soft skills you need to connect with customers, vendors, and co-workers.

Case in point: Jet Blue rocks! On a recent flight home from NYC, the TV screen was not working and Jet Blue’s customer service team was on it like white on rice. Without any hassle, they listened to my tale of woe and gave me a $15 voucher toward my next purchase. In the scheme of things, $15 is no big deal, but their actions solidified Jet Blue in my mind as a customer friendly company. Their soft skills certainly paid off. (I was just glad I had my iPad and some movies.)

With many companies, big or small, strapped for cash these days and just trying to make a buck, image is everything. But sadly many respond by being penny-wise and pound foolish. All things being equal, those most likely to enjoy continued success are the companies who don’t lose sight of their number one fans: their current customers, vendors, and employees. (Bananas all ‘round!)