Most websites serve as online showcases—virtual brochures detailing products and services offered, highlighting key members of company teams, and providing a platform for some sort of e-commerce. While that’s all well and good, business owners and marketers know deep down that their websites could (and should) be doing so much more, just as their competitors are doing.


Barrel O’Monkeyz offers this authoritative guide to make it easy for you to access insight on website development. With this guide, we’ve already done a lot of the work for you, linking you to our top blogs on topics related to this subject and more.

  • What’s the best way to attract visitors to your website, convert leads, close deals, and delight your customers so they become eager promoters of your business?

Website 101: Plan for Success

Refreshing or Redoing Your Website? Don’t Forget the Importance of Design

Generally, people visit your website because they already have a relationship with your brand and are looking for specific information such as a phone number, fax, email, downloadable form, or they want to buy a product from you or arrange a service.

But the real sweet spot for websites—and the area business owners and marketers need to pay particular attention to—are those website visitors seeking specific content because they recognize your brand/business as a leading expert in that particular area. If you’re not doing all you can to deliver valuable content to these visitors on a frequent basis, you’re missing out on numerous opportunities to grow a community of lasting, loyal customers and fans around your brand.

  • What are you doing on your website to capture hearts and minds of visitors in those precious few seconds you’ve been given to make an impression?

Is Your Website Sticky?

Do Your Landing Pages Make the Grade? 

Are You Growing Your “Brand Fans”?

The success of inbound marketing depends on the presence of a highly-functional website that offers valuable content and a great user experience. Your website anchors your online presence and is the hub around which all of your Inbound Marketing efforts revolve.

How Do You Know if Your Website Suffers from Performance Issues?

Does Your Business Have “App” Appeal?

Your website is the center of your inbound marketing universe. Most strangers learn about your brand through keyword search and blog and social media content. They visit your website where they begin to view you as the leader in your space because you provide valuable content they can’t get anywhere else.

  • Do your clients react positively to your brand message by saying, “This is the person/product/company for me.”
  • Are you constantly having to rework or reposition your brand to the marketplace?

Write Search Marketing Content for People, Not Computers 

Search and You Will Be Found

Organic vs. Paid Search Results: Where’s the Sweet Spot for My Brand?

IG Stories-09

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