For all the secrecy and excitement surrounding the unveiling of iPad2, does anyone else feel just a little let down?

Now I am a HUGE fan of the iPad—and if you don’t already have an iPad, the iPad2 will most likely blow your socks off—but I must admit to being a bit underwhelmed by the latest Apple offering, especially with the man himself, Apple founder Steve Jobs, coming off his sick bed to break the news; and especially with all the other tablets ready to take Apple on, head-to-head.

Given all the hype, I was just expecting a little bit more, that’s all, something that would motivate me to trade in my iPad for what I hoped would be a must-have, can’t live without it, iPad2.

Granted the iPad2 is faster, has more memory, two cameras, and comes in a slimmer, trimmer model (it’s 1/3 less thick and lighter) . . . but is that enough for the first generation of iPad owners to trade up?

Unveiling the iPad2, Jobs said “We think 2011 is clearly going to be the year of iPad2. It is going to be everywhere in the month of March.”

Will the choice of a black or white color design make a difference to you? What about the iPad2’s sleek new cover, and the fact the iPad2 will be priced the same as its predecessor?

It’s all good stuff, no doubt, and it paves the way for continued improvements to a product already near and dear to millions . . . but is it enough?

For me, it sounds like I will keep rocking it with my iPad for the time being.