San Diego, August 2024

Barrel O’Monkeyz is hosting an AI “experts” panel in early August in San Diego. We are looking for 2 to 3 AI experts to engage in a one-hour fireside chat about how AI can be used in the world of finance.

We plan to have 15 high profile CFOs from the San Diego area exchanging ideas, plus other CEOs, company presidents, and entrepreneurs in attendance.

Interested? If so, reach out to me, Paul June, at (310) 503-1149 or [email protected] .

Successful brands stand the test of time. They evolve with changes in the marketplace when new technologies, trends, and ways of doing business emerge. They also don’t force businesses to constantly re-establish who and what they are or what they represent to target customers.

Does your brand have that kind of lasting power? Could it?

Let’s take a quick look at how the Barrel O’ Monkeyz (“BOM”) brand came about and how BOM has maintained its core values and authenticity over the years.

What’s in a Name?

The BOM brand dates back to early 2009 when it debuted as a virtual agency consisting of the talents of professionals in marketing, technology, web design, graphic design, content writing, digital media, and product development. At the time, BOM’s mission was simple: to deliver top-notch services and get results for clients. It remains that simple today.

Of course, like most companies, BOM has gone through its share of growing pains and pleasures as well as various ups and downs over the years. What hasn’t changed in the years since its founding is the brand’s name or its underlying core values.

Why? Because the BOM brand story—the who, the what, the how, and the promise BOM keeps to its customers—hasn’t changed.

Why a Monkey?

I’ve always been interested in monkeys. They always seem to be having fun. Monkeys make me laugh, and I like to laugh and have fun, even at work. After all, why would you want to spend a third (or more) of your waking hours doing something that’s not fun? Life’s too short!

Monkeys are also quite diverse. There are more than 200 monkey species worldwide. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and they have different talents and unique personalities. So they seemed to be a natural embodiment for the BOM team and its clients.

No doubt the full “Barrel O’Monkeyz” name comes from the idiom, “having more fun than a barrel of monkeys,” and the obvious reference to “fun.” But there’s also the sense of being in something together, like a “barrel,” which reinforces the idea of teamwork, collaboration, and shared goals and objectives.

Putting It All Together

The Barrel O’Monkeyz team consists of fun-loving, solution-oriented professionals who thrive through collaboration, creativity, and fun. They are “in it to win it” for both BOM and for its clients.

  • The team brings a broad range of skills to the table.
  • Creativity and creative solutions are the hallmark of what the team does best.
  • Outside the box thinking is strongly encouraged.
  • The BOM team believes that no idea is a bad idea . . . ever.
  • BOM wants to work with clients who are seeking creative solutions, new ideas, and want to have fun in the process—all the same values that BOM represents.

The Test of Time

Of course, a successful brand is more than just having a clever, memorable logo (though having one certainly helps) and a catchy name. A successful brand that stands the test of time is based on authenticity and being true to itself and its customers.

  • How does your brand story reflect you and/or your company?
  • Is it true to who you are and what you can deliver?
  • Do your clients react positively to your brand message by saying, “this is the person/product/company for me?”
  • Are you constantly having to rework or reposition your brand to the marketplace?

Let’s Get Creative

Barrel O’ Monkeyz can help infuse fun, creativity, and innovation into how your brand shows up in the marketplace. Contact us today to explore how your brand and its promise to customers can stand the test of time.