Barrel O’ Monkeyz is a strategic marketing agency specializing in the Sports and Active Lifestyle markets.

Barrel O’ Monkeyz is a strategic marketing agency specializing in the Sports and Active Lifestyle markets.

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We serve as a seasoned, outsourced marketing team for companies looking to ramp up sales and launch new products. Our barrel is full of talent and creative arms ready to prove we don’t just monkey around!



Inside The Mind Of The King Monkey Himself

Does Your Business Have “App” Appeal?

Having an App for your business is a near must these days. Large business or small, deploying an App fills essentially the same business need that Websites first began to fill 15 or so years ago by providing customers and prospects a digital space in which to interact...

Do Your Projects Suffer from Scope Creep?

Scope creep—the tendency of a project to grow beyond its original parameters—can happen to the best of us, often despite the best intentions of all involved. Scope creep can rear its head in virtually any aspect of our home or work lives: You stop off at the grocery...

Is Your Content Marketing Being Heard?

People are inundated with emails, tweets, likes, shares, posts, and more every minute of every hour of every day. Terabytes and petabytes of information course continuously through the arteries of the Internet. What comes after a petabyte (a million gigabytes), I...

You May Have to Narrow Your Market to Expand Opportunities

The hills of San Diego and southern California are a bit greener these past few weeks. Recent rains have helped ease some of the drought conditions that have turned roadsides, hillsides, and backyards various shades of dusty brown the past few years. I find all the...

Making “Discovery” Connections

How do you know when a prospective customer is a “real” prospect and not just someone who’s too nice or too embarrassed to say “no” or someone who’s so indecisive he or she will never say “yes”? Think about the time and effort you’d save and the resources you could...

Stop Suffering from Social Media Envy

When it comes to Social Media networks, size does matter. Of course, you want a quality audience that’s genuinely interested in your brand and what you have to say, and interested in sharing news about your brand with others, but you also want numbers—BIG numbers....

The Facts of Life (Insurance)

Let's face it, for everyone reading this blog your days living large in the jungle canopy and hanging out with your monkey friends and family will, inevitably, come to an end. Sad but true. We only get to be monkeyz on God’s green Earth for so long. I know. This is...

Happy New Year from Barrel O’Monkeyz

Wishing you a Happy New Year from your friends at Barrel O’Monkeyz. May 2017 bring you happiness, peace, joy, and prosperity. Paul June is King Monkey of BARREL O’MONKEYZ, a full-service digital media and marketing group specializing in more creativity, ideas, and fun...

Gratitude and Gift Giving Go Hand-in-Hand

Christmas, Hanukah, New Year’s, and various other end of year Holidays are just about here. It’s a time for gift-giving, reflection, and being grateful. Was 2016 all you wanted it to be? Did you get as much out of it as you put into it? Given what you know now, what...

2016 Holiday Gift Guide – Monkeyz Style

Looking for unique gifts for all the little monkeys on your list? Then look no further, the 2016 edition of the Barrel O’Monkeyz holiday gift giving guide is finally here—and it may be just what you need to find that special something for that special someone on your...

Together We Stand, Divided We Fall

Has it really been a month already since the 2016 elections? Whether you were shocked, awed, or elated, chances are you’re still getting used to the idea that in less than 45 days, we will have a new president. It’s a testament to this country and the principles upon...

Ten Keys to Staying Focused in Distracting Times

With arguably one of the most contentious presidential elections in recent memory just passed and its aftermath still unfolding, Thanksgiving, and the rapidly approaching frenzy of Christmas, Hanukkah, and assorted other December holidays, it’s amazing that anybody...

Virtual Reality Gets Real for Sold-Out Crowd in San Diego

Emmy award-winning producer Neil Mandt of MANDT VR shared his views on the state of the emerging field of virtual reality with a sold-out crowd of attendees at an event last week designed to emphasize on where and how content for virtual reality and augmented reality...



Barrel O’ Monkeyz has the branding, digital marketing, social media, and website experience, knowledge, and creative chops to create custom strategies and innovative, scalable solutions that make good brands great. Our clients range from innovative extreme sports product launches, action sports venues and events, to sportswear companies and even beach volleyball clinics. They include Fortune 500 corporations and startups. Each seeks a creative, energetic, and nimble partner to help them move their brand needle forward. Barrel O’ Monkeyz is that partner.

About Barrel O’ Monkeyz

Founded in January 2009, Barrel O’ Monkeyz (BOM) is the brainchild of marketing and product development guru Paul June, aka the “King Monkey.” BOM is a full-service branding agency specializing in interactive digital media, product and brand design, social media, websites, and traditional marketing such as public relations, advertising, and research. He built Barrel O’Monkeyz as a top tier alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar agencies. Are you looking for . . .

  • Product development expertise (cradle to grave)?
  • Digital and traditional sports and active lifestyle channels expertise?
  • Worldly experience, from hands-on marketing and business development to the C-suite?
  • Entrepreneurial expertise and experience taking a successful start-up national?
  • Expertise on mergers & acquisitions?
  • A hard-working, dynamic, creative, fun-loving team that’s on top of the latest digital marketing tends and technology?
  • A team with keen insight into the southern California and San Diego area marketplace?

Barrel O’ Monkeyz furnishes industry experts, creative ideation, and a cost effective agency structure for all of your needs.

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As marketing experts, Barrel O’Monkeyz understands the value of great ideas and creative execution. Success comes from being able to tell a great story . . . and we look forward to helping create your amazing story and position you for strategy and growth.

  • Who is your audience?
  • What do you have to offer them?
  • What are you trying to say?
  • How can you tell your story most effectively . . . and where?
  • How will you know your story is being heard?

Through our digital and social media audit, competitive analysis, and custom-built interactive strategies, we work hand-in-hand to help elevate the socialization of your brand. We make you more visible and socially digital.

Our Approach

Research, Analysis, Goals & Objectives Strategies & Tactics Integration & Set-Up Deployment, Execution & Management Measurement & Adjustments . . . Redeployment!


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