You’ve heard of crowdsourcing—using the Internet to amass support in the form of funding or information (hence the “crowd” part of the word). Now, with Thunderclap, you can engage in crowdspeaking—using the Internet to mass-share a single message or event by social media, flash mob-style.

Thunderclap for #COREKickstarter

The Barrel O’Monkeyz team has set up a Thunderclap to boost the reach of Mobile Edge’s CORE Kickstarter, in support of the launch of its new CORE Gaming Backpack. Designed by gamers for gamers, the CORE Gaming Backpack is perfect for gamers—whether they’re pro eSports competitors looking for an edge, or they’re simply getting together with friends and family for a little good-natured fun—young professionals, or for gift giving.

Thunderclap makes getting your message out easy: using Thunderclap, announce an event or a message you want to share; promote the Thunderclap through email and various social media channels, and ask people to pledge their support to extend the reach of your Thunderclap. With a few key strokes, supporters can agree to share your Thunderclap message automatically via their social media platforms at the same time hundreds of others share it, increasing reach and flooding the Internet. BOOM—Thunderclap it is!

The CORE Kickstarter Campaign started Tuesday, August 8, and runs through September 21, with exclusive perks such as Early Bird Pricing of $75 (MSRP $129.99), at In addition, program backers can select from 10 funding levels to back the CORE Gaming Backpack Kickstarter program, which has an overall goal to raise $30,000. Only a limited amount of CORE bags are available at early bird pricing, so Mobile Edge doesn’t expect them to last long.

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