The life of an entrepreneur is never dull, especially for an entrepreneur looking to make the transition from self-employed back to full-time employment. That would be me. If I’ve piqued your interest, read on about what’s been going on with me personally and professionally over the last few months.


Hard to believe it’s been almost one year since I moved down to San Diego and decided to transition out of Barrel O’Monkeyz to look for full-time employment. For those of you who have HELPed through warm introductions to target companies and words of encouragement, “Thank you!” Your support is nothing short of amazing!

Heads Up Marketer

I am still seeking an executive level marketing and product development role with a market-leading consumer goods company so I can take a brand to the next level through my hands-on approach and creativity.

  • Target Audience: $1M-$100M Consumer Products Companies
  • Target Industries: Action Sports, Recreational Products, Toys and Gifts
  • Target Locations: San Diego, Orange and Los Angeles County

For more information on how you can help, please drop me an email or visit my LinkedIn profile to view my resume. In the meantime, you will still find me working with select clients such as PassBack Football, Impact Power, Vucacious, and more.


The holidays are always a tough time of year for me for a variety of reasons, but I must say my family (brothers, sisters, nieces, and nephews) all help me get through it. This year was no different as I found myself lucky enough to spend time with each of them. Everyone is doing REALLY well and our family continues to grow as Jason and Danielle June introduced the newest to the June clan, “Miss Cambria.” Quite amazing!

Paint Ball!

Shortly after the holidays, I decided to throw my own 42nd birthday bash with a little bit of paint balling, which featured 20 people from San Diego to Los Angeles from ages 12 to 60. It was an amazing time to watch friends and family, old-and-new mix it up! I think I still have a welt or two.

Living in San Diego (Encinitas) has been a blast. My roommates, Sam, Logan, and Hudson Ross, are a blast to live with and always lead to a bit of excitement. The 2-1/2 Men & a Princess household also has the added thrill of 3 dogs ruled by his majesty, Fred, who just turned 6 today. He is healthy as can be and still enjoys a good tradeshow, car ride, and throw of the ball.

Dogs Life  Home  Fred in Bed

For those of you that must ask, my back has healed nicely! I still have lingering side effects due to nerve damage, but cannot complain. I definitely feel for Dwight Howard of the Lakers! I am back to all of my normal beat-up-the-body activities, which are followed by more trips to the hot tub and rehab center (LOL – I am definitely feeling my age).


As someone who is a mover and shaker, I have found myself quickly immersed in the San Diego community as I am now on 6 boards of directors and actively working to support their missions:

  1. San Diego Sports Innovators (SDSI): Working with the likes of Bill Walton of the NBA on supporting small businesses within the sporting goods market to find funding.
  2. Huntington’s Disease Society of America (HDSA): Raising funds and educating people about Huntington’s Disease with the spirit of my dear friend, Scott Bradley, in mind.
  3. University of San Diego North County Alumni Association Board: Building and nurturing long lasting relationships within my alma mater through quality networking events and activities.
  4. American Marketing Association (AMA): Promoting the exchange of best practices in marketing and nurturing the growth of the local marketing community.
  5. North County Volleyball (NCV): Providing an avenue for north county San Diego to enjoy in the volleyball experience. Hosted our first tournament in February to raise funds for HDSA called War of the Roses. Good times!
  6. Miss Mission Beach Beauty Pageant (MMB): A feeder event to Miss San Diego County, this event helps raise funds to support disable athletes.
HDSA Gala  War of Roses

These groups have found me working on companies such as Arcade Belts, Dual Snowboards, Good on Ya Bars, Bon Hiver Bindings and more. Let’s just say idle hands are the devils workshop and I am definitely not being idle!


Dallas with Boys  Big Bear Hiking  Brad Paisley

What would a Paul June update be without hearing about adventures in travel and entertainment? I constantly hear from people in my network telling me to keep up the posts so they can live vicariously through me. Rest assured I have heard you loud and clear and will keep up the great content.

Volley Ball

With that said, my adventures are going strong from networking ski trips at Red Mountain Resort in British Columbia (Amplitude) and football games in Texas to Horseback Riding and Brad Paisley concerts in San Diego. The future already holds trips to Catalina, Mexico, Big Bear, Mountains of Central California, and more. I will save some of these details for my next letter or Facebook postings!


I hope I entertained you and informed you. Keep your eyes on this space for more of my weekly blogs and updates on my various (mis)adventures. May you and your family be well and until next time.  Take care and God bless!

King MonkeyAs always, feel free to give me a shout out anytime. Your comments and support are inspiring. Thank you!