Hey everyone, King Monkey here, over at Barrel O’ Monkeyz the whole Monkeyz crew wishes you a happy week as we approach hump day. Today is the beginning of August and we couldn’t be more excited because that means only one week until the launch of our new Kickstarter campaign.

After a long day at work or at the beach, what is a better way to stay out of the heat than to be in a nice air-conditioned room, playing some of your old favorite video games?­

Almost everyone has had an experience playing digital games before, from old arcade bars, to candy crush, to the extensive e-sports.

Lately we have been going bananas over the world of e-sports.

E-sports gamers play multiplayer video games competitively for spectators. Though generally gamers are professionals, non-professional gamers love playing e-sports too and flock to gaming arenas.

Professional or not, the e-sports community is highly skilled and take gaming very seriously. As much as e-sports has been pushed to the side in the past, it has been gaining massive popularity and has been receiving the media attention it truly deserves.

Our long-term client Mobile Edge has made their own professional gaming backpack, which is suited for all players. The monkeyz crew has gone full force on the CORE gaming backpack’s Kickstarter campaign. Look out for the Kickstarter launch date exactly a week from today, August 8, 2017.

This backpack is truly exceptional. It has the ability to store an external battery pack and is configured so you can wire your phone to your bag. Giving you the ability to charge it at anytime!

With three main storage pockets, front organizer, and zippered side pockets, this bag is perfect for holding all your gaming needs, like a full sized keyboards, external charging devices, and gaming headphones.

This bag is meant for gaming on the go, equipped with Mobile Edge’s traditional TSA friendly laptop compartment.

Are you a gamer or know someone who is? The CORE Gaming Influencer Program is filled with fun and prizes, perfect for gamers. Influencers would be joining the team to spread the word about the campaign as well as obtain free products, content for their social media or blog, behind the scenes access, and the opportunity to earn money as an affiliate!

Count down the launch date to our Kickstarter with us here.

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